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The Reasons Why PKR is Going up so Fast

The PKR bonus code is one of the most bighearted in the industry. For those highrollers between you, PKR go the extra mile to offer you a special bonus worth up to $2,000. PKR bonus is one of the largest in the poker industry.

The graphics at PKR are awesome - unlike anything you'll have seen before. PKR's graphics are completely unrivalled in online poker and are a welcome change to the dull, repetitive images that are found in most other poker rooms.

It looked fantastic on the screen but as an online poker room it offered nothing to genuine poker players. Well those times have well and truly changed. Today, PKR's tournaments pay out hundreds of thousands of dollars a month in prize money across SnGs, MTT's and Ring Games. On top of that PKR players have the opportunity to win seats in some of the world's biggest live events such as Macau (on the APT) and the WSOP in Vegas. PKR TV

There's PKR TV. As you may suspect from the name, PKR has its own TV station that broadcasts across Europe to show the PKR Review.

And finally, every step of the way, you're allowed to react to what you've seen happen at the table: win a big hand; you can make 'loser' signs across the table. If your opponent decides against making a big call, feel free to call him a chicken. Like the low cut dress that the nice blonde opposite you is wearing? It makes a small tournament feel like the World Series and strangers feel like friends you've known for ages.


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